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Akama Studio is always searching for new talents at all levels of 3D production: organic modelers, animators, setup/rigging artists, FX artists (particles, cloth, fur), Rendering/Compositing artists, tracking artists, rotoscoping artists, …

We are also looking for artists specialized in concept design, as well as specialists in matte painting.

Therefore send us your resume and demoreel :

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    - Surname, firstname, phone, email.
    - Resume.
    - Demo reel and/or drawing book.
    - Job youre applying for.

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    53 Rue Villiers de l'Isle Adam
    75020 Paris, FRANCE
    tél : +33 1 43 15 19 01

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Akama Studio seeks special profiles for the needs of certain productions:

Carefully read the characteristics of each job offer. I your application doesn't match the offer, it will not be processed.

Thank you.

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